Our Mission

Take Action Films is an independent media production and distribution company in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Founded by filmmaker Andrew Nisker during the production of his first feature documentary Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, Take Action Films has been the home of award-winning, thought-provoking, socially conscious work ever since. Through social media campaigns, speaking engagements, festival screening and online sales, Take Action Films aims to help change the world, one film at a time

Since 2007, Take Action Films has been producing award-winning social-impact documentaries, webisodes, newsletters, and ebooks.

We have used social outreach, crowd sourcing, and audience building using both traditional and online media. Our extensive international network of partners helps us bring our titles to theatres, TV, educational, and online markets.

Our films have been translated into over 10 different languages as the message we convey is universal and inspirational to all.

Starting with Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, in 2008, Take Action Films rapidly built a marketing strategy that utilized a hybrid of traditional and DIY distribution strategies. This included an online and community building plan that produced partnerships with NGOs, school boards, corporations and environmental groups that supported a Canada-wide tour and educational screenings.

This strategy evolved further with Dark Side of the Chew, when TAF developed an app that incorporates animation and real-world engagement, GumShoe. GumShoe, a gum-mapping app, was created in collaboration with ESRI Canada, a GIS (Geographic and Information Systems) mapping company in Toronto. The app was available for iOS and downloadable from iTunes around the world, and proved not only a popular speaking point at film festivals, but extremely popular in educational markets.

Andrew Nisker, the founder and Director of Take Action Films, has spoken about his outreach strategies on panels at films festivals industry forms at Next New Media Festival, Hot Docs, and Planet in Focus Film Festival. He is considered one of the pioneers of the hybrid distribution model, working as an Impact Producer before the term had entered the lexicon.

Our history

Take Action Films was born when Andrew Nisker decided to self distribute his award winning feature length documentary Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home (Sundance, CBC, Super Channel, TF1). After being selected for the Hot Doc's film festival in 2008, Garbage!, through the efforts of the team at Take Action Films, went on to be translated into six different languages and screened to over three million people internationally. 

Over the years, Take Action Films has worked tirelessly to network online, build social communities and rally audiences around social environmental subjects. The website for the documentary  Chemerical - Redefining Clean For A New Generation (CBC, Netflix, TF1, YESdocu) has resources to help people detoxify their homes from harmful toxins found in common cleaning and personal care products. 

Corporate outreach has seen Take Action Films work with some of worlds biggest companies having screened its films at Walmart's head office,  McDonalds world HQ, ING bank  and doing an extensive earth month screening series with Tim Hortons. 

Inspired through feedback from viewers, Nisker wrote the e-green cleaning guide The Chemerical Cookbook which has sold over 1000 copies and continues to help people rid their lives of toxic cleaning products. 

2013 saw the release of  Orange Witness, the untold story of the domestic use of the dioxin laced chemical Agent Orange (CBC). Given an honourable mention at the FIFE environmental film festival in Paris, Orange Witness continues to be screened and raise awareness about exposure to dioxins through the historical use of Agent Orange globally.  

Dark Side of the Chew (2014) follows Nisker as he travels our planet and speaks to gobs of manufacturers, activists and scientists to unravel the entertaining, yet shocking truth behind our obsession with a seemingly innocuous product that is gumming up more than just our environment: chewing gum.

This story will acts as a gateway to young minds to enhance their awareness of this seemingly invisible pollution that has an enormous social, environmental, and economic impact. Alongside ESRI Canada, Nisker created an accompanying ‘gum pollution’ app for iOS – Gum Shoe – that gives users the opportunity to quantify gum pollution by simply taking a picture of the gum-strewn sidewalks in their hometowns.

Nisker’s next project Dad and the Dandelions (2017) was an ode to his late, beloved father and the sport they both loved: golf.

Presented by the CBC on David Suzuki’s long-running series The Nature of Things and filmed in gorgeous 4K resolution, this television documentary is visually-stunning, touching, and surprisingly controversial. Once again, it features Nisker on a worldwide adventure searching for the truth – from sunny San Diego to the sparkling Bahamas to blustery Scotland, no blade of grass is left unturned.

Inspired and shocked by the discoveries made through Dad and the Dandelions, Take Action Films latest film Ground War (2018) goes even further to explore the globe, an investigation that reveals that the use of pesticides around the world may have farther reaching consequences than Nisker had ever imagined. The only hope he sees for a brighter future lies with the incredible people he encounters along the way.

Our films have been on television screens in homes around the world – CBC, TVO, Netflix, TF1, Sundance Channel, Yes! – and have been screening at film festivals across the globe – Docs DF, Hot Docs, Cinemambiente, FIFE, Planet In Focus – year in and year out.