In today’s connected world, where over night an issue can go viral, the power of documentaries to insight social change has never been stronger.

That is why we believe that social issue films make a difference. Think about Super Size Me, An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc. and Chasing Ice. Those films, like countless others, inspired individuals, communities and nations to take action and fix some of today’s most pressing issues.

The Take Action Collective was created to give the filmmakers and financiers a place to share a common goal, to inspire social change through documentaries.

For financiers, we provide the opportunity to make your capital work for social change by supporting innovative and thought provoking documentaries, short films, and social media.

Our unique deal structure allows investors to not only be part of social action campaigns but to do so in profitable way. In combination with financier investment, The Collective offers the expertise to take advantage of government (public) production incentives through various local, regional, provincial and federal programs. Our public/private investment approach maximizes project capital while safeguarding private financiers risk.

The Collective offers filmmakers full support through financing and social campaign outreach, using every tool available to maximize the social impact and ultimately reach the widest possible audience.

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