Ground War - Festival License


Ground War - Festival License


A filmmaker's investigation into the death of his father takes him deep into the world of golf, chemical lobbying, and citizen activism, where he learns that the rampant use of pesticides around the world may be far more damaging than he thought.

What chance do we have at creating a safer world for ourselves and our children? The answer may lay with the incredible people he encounters along his journey.

Opening night official selection for Planet in Focus Film Festival at the Bloor HotDocs Cinema, official selection CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival in Turin, Italy, official selection at DC Environmental Film Festival in Washington, official selection at DocFest Film Festival in Belleville, Ontario.

“Nisker’s Ground War strips away the marketing façade that pesticides are a harmless and necessary tool for manicuring golf courses and playing fields. His personal narrative of his father’s death combined with investigative reporting puts a fine point on the dangers of toxins on our greenways that can’t be ignored and will empower viewers to take action.”
-Priscilla Feral
President, Friends of Animals

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